Margaret Maxwell McClure
Margaret Maxwell McClure

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At some point in a person’s adult life, he or she still needs a mother to take care of him or her. At my bankruptcy law office in Houston, Texas, I am happy to serve that role. I have focused my law practice on protecting and taking care of small businesses and individuals who have debt problems. I file all types of bankruptcy cases, including Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13.

I represent people from all walks of life, from convenience store owners and private schools to wage earners. I help all of my clients get through the financial difficulties that brought them to my law office. I represent them at the bankruptcy court, negotiate with their creditors, and protect them from harassment so they can concentrate on their job or their business. My clients and I work as a team, and of my many clients most of us end up becoming good friends.

Before I became a bankruptcy attorney, I was a paralegal for 19 years. I was the person in the law office who held our clients’ hands and guided them through the legal process. I earned my law degree by attending law school on nights and weekends. After I opened my own law practice in 1994, many of my clients followed me to my new office.

To me, bankruptcy law is 100 percent common sense. It is a court of fairness and a court of equity. As a lawyer who was born with common sense, I can usually anticipate what a bankruptcy trustee and judges will do given the facts of your situation.

I enjoy negotiating with creditors and protecting the interests of my clients. In many divorces, one or both parties end up filing bankruptcy to protect their assets.

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