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Consumer Bankruptcy

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Credit card companies are notorious for spreading myths about bankruptcy. One myth is that irresponsible consumers run up debt and then file bankruptcy. In fact, the vast majority of people who file bankruptcy do so because of an event that is outside of their control, such as job loss, divorce, or catastrophic illness or injury.

I’m Margaret McClure, a personal bankruptcy attorney in Houston, Texas. Bankruptcy courts and trustees know that individuals who have serious debt problems need protection. Filing bankruptcy offers that protection by giving you a safe haven from creditors and allowing you to renegotiate or discharge your debts.

Individuals have two options under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which offers you a 100 percent discharge of most types of debt if you pass the bankruptcy means test
  • Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which are debt repayment plans for individuals who are either not eligible for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or who have assets they would lose by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

I offer a free initial consultation to help you assess your financial situation and your options. Before you can file for bankruptcy protection under the new bankruptcy law, you must complete a credit-counseling course before and after your bankruptcy filing.

If you are facing serious debt problems, don’t put off talking to a bankruptcy lawyer. I have helped hundreds of people discharge consumer debts and get a fresh financial start by filing bankruptcy.

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