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Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy Information From a Houston Bankruptcy Law Firm

People and businesses file bankruptcy primarily for two basic reasons: to obtain a safe haven from creditors and to obtain a discharge of debts. I am Houston attorney Margaret McClure. At my Houston bankruptcy law firm, I give experienced counsel and quick-acting representation to businesses and individuals who wish to file bankruptcy petitions. To discuss your specific circumstances in confidence, contact my bankruptcy law firm in Houston to schedule a free consultation.

A safe haven from creditors

Filing bankruptcy grants you a safe haven from creditors with the automatic stay provision of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The automatic stay protects you from:

Wage garnishments

By protecting you from losing personal and business assets, filing bankruptcy can give you time to negotiate with creditors and get your financial house in order. For more information about the safe haven offered to businesses or individuals by bankruptcy, contact my Houston law firm.

Discharge of debts

Filing bankruptcy allows you to discharge some or all unsecured debts, such as credit card bills, lawsuit judgments against you or your business, and hospital bills. While you will have to pay secured debts (debts that are secured with collateral, such as your home or a car) if you want to keep those assets, your bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help you renegotiate the terms of those debts.

After you obtain a discharge of debts, you can still pay some or all debts back if you want to. Many clients of my Houston bankruptcy law firm say they plan to pay back their debts in full once they get back on their feet financially.

A fresh financial start

One of the greatest joys of operating a Houston bankruptcy law firm is guiding my business and individual clients to a fresh financial start that is free of guilt and worry. Bankruptcy laws are designed to give businesses and individuals a clean slate. Almost all the clients of my Houston law firm tell me they would have filed bankruptcy years early if they had known how it worked.

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